Welcome to Karth Scents,

the launching place of Naomi & Samuel Karth and their Young Living story!

Sam, Jerome and Naomi in October 2016

We are Parents, photographers, lovers, best friends, and we found ourselves on a radical health revolution a couple of years into our marriage! Diet and lifestyle changes made major impacts in our daily life, and Young Living essential oils and oil infused products were a natural fit into that new life!

Welcome wellness!!

Welcome Baby!!

Welcome new career!!

From non-toxic cleaners and body care products to nutritional supplements that offered real support, we were amazed at how quickly our marriage went from "In sickness" and "For poorer" to "In health" and "For richer"! And we haven't looked back! Each year excites us as we have the opportunity to live our best life and share how to do it with others!

We all share a love of reading!


The most important thing is we believe in is being able to live your best life NOW!

So join us today!!