Mom is coming home!

I'm so excited to relay that Marianne (Mom) has been released from the hospital! She was given no-fly restriction, which we had suspected might happen, and so she and Dad are going to drive down to Texas today and tomorrow.

They'll be here for the graduation of the girls, but probably won't make the wedding. We're just so incredibly blessed that she is alive and well, all else is a bonus!

We flew into Dallas today with Caleb at 1 pm. There was some major turbulence because of all the clouds in Texas today, but we landed both times (stop over in Austin) safe and sound.

Tonight all us Karth kids will be sleeping under one roof- one giant slumber party!

Tomorrow at 2 pm, Rebekah will be joining with John Black in holy matrimony, and we will be there to capture it! There was some complications with the equipment, so we will be using the bare minimum, but it's bound to be one of the more emotional weddings we've ever experienced. (Aside from our own, of course!)

On Sunday, at 4 pm, both Rebekah & Susanna will be walking in commencement at UTA. At that point, we trust God will allow us to all be together!

Sam & I will be flying out Monday from Dallas to Indy, where my mom (Sharon) has graciously agreed to pick us up. It will be a relief to get home, and start picking up the pieces of what we left... but it will also be hard to leave all the family.

We have been so blessed by the abundance of family and friends who have helped us and supported us and prayed for us. We have hope, and we have love, and we will get through this with God's grace.