There's no easy way to say this...

Loss has been a very real subject in our lives lately. On April 11th, our best friend, Jonathan, passed from this world at the age of 27. I thought that loss would be impossible to bear.

Today, I found that it can only get worse, as we learned that Samuel's mother, Marianne, who was driving with her 3 youngest through Georgia, was in a severe wreck on the Interstate.

Sam's sister, Annaleah, was killed. At age 17.

His mother is in ICU, with a cracked rib, multiple lacerations, a skull injury, and a concussion. His brother Caleb, age 15, is at the same hospital, with a concussion, but doing fine. He has no recollection of the accident.

His sister Mary, age 13 (the youngest in the family), is at another hospital (60 miles away), having suffered a stroke, in critical condition, and with severe facial lacerations, that will require plastic surgery.

They were driving from NC to TX for Sam's oldest sister Rebekah's wedding, next Saturday. Sam's dad is alone in NC, planning on driving to GA in the morning. And we are going to get Sam on a plane to fly to GA Sunday afternoon.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated in this time of loss and suffering.

Many have asked if they could do more, and some of our very kind friends started up an event on Facebook if you have that desire.

Thank you.