Update on the Karth Family

I deeply regret that I have to pass along that Mary Lydia Karth (13) went to be with the Lord on Tuesday night. The blessing here is that they were able to donate her corneas and two people can now see because of her- and they were able to donate her bone marrow, and 50 (Yes, FIFTY!!!) peoples' lives have been saved, thanks to that donation!

While we are deeply saddened and will forever miss her, we can have the assurance that her death was able to benefit so many others' lives. And we have the peace that will we see both her and AnnaLeah again in heaven. (Where, Dad reminded us, they are now running around without supervision!!!)

Marianne is still in the hospital, and it is looking unlikely she will be released in time to make the wedding. While that was the initial hope, her recovery is slow, and we are much more concerned about getting her healthy.

Caleb is doing well, aside from not being able to see (which the hospital social worker is taking care of this morning- by getting him & Marianne fitted with new glasses) and having a set of staples in his scalp.

Samuel, Caleb & I are planning on flying out to Texas tomorrow, to attend Rebekah & her fiance's wedding on Saturday, and with the help of some local TX photographers, it looks like we'll be getting equipment donated to photograph it too! (Neither Sam nor I brought much in the way of cameras because we didn't think we'd be able to make the wedding.)

Dad (Jerry) will be staying here with Mom (Marianne), and the hospital is arranging for them to be able to watch the wedding via Skype!

We appreciate all the outreaching that has happened- from close friends, from family, from complete strangers. Every day we see the Karth family touching more and more lives. We also appreciate your continued prayers as we take life one second at a time right now.

Many people have asked about donating to the family, and so I will include some info & links on how to do that.

You can email us at our personal email if you wish: lizykarth@gmail.com (We are overwhelmed with phone calls & such so please understand we may not respond right away)

To make donations to Paypal  we are accepting them through our personal account here: llamaladync@yahoo.com, which is under the name Naomi Cole. (We are advising that if you do not know the person collecting for us, it is better to just donate directly this way or to wait until you can mail it to Jerry & Marianne)

Donations can also be made to Wells Fargo Bank- 

*The account is listed under Rebekah J. Karth (which won't change to her married name) and has a subtitle of "Benefit Karth Family." She will soon reside in Indiana with her husband John Black, if an address is requested. It will remain open until early August.

*On deposit slips, please write Rebekah J. Karth in place of the account number. Also, if you wish for your name to be known, please write it anywhere on the slip so that the family will have a record of your contribution. Any amount is appreciated!

If you'd like to stay updated- there is a Facebook group that I work on keeping fairly informed, though there is a lot to do these days, and that link is HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/470439949694506/

Here is a news story done locally in Texas: http://www.myfoxdfw.com/story/22199892/graduation-bittersweet-for-two-sisters-after-deadly-wreck

And an article the Grand Rapids Press ran as well: http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2013/05/in_mourning_former_grand_rapid.html#incart_river

If you see any news articles or any information about the crash, we are asking you please email a link, with an email title stating it is a "Crash Related Report" so we can compiles those. Please send to our personal email: lizykarth@gmail.com

Again, your continued prayers mean the world to us, and we do feel so loved here right in this moment. The hospital staff here in Athens is AMAZING. So loving, so kind, so accommodating. I mean, they let me use their medical lab to post this info! Local pastors and church members, and even complete strangers are helping us. And while we are still struggling with the huge sadness that comes with this loss, we are also being lifted up before the Lord, and we know it.

Thanks. You are all friends now.

I'm going to include some photos from one of our most happy times together with Mary and AnnaLeah, when we spent a week with them, Mom, Dad & Caleb at the cabins in Muskegon, on Lake Michigan a few years back. Treasured, wonderful memories.