The Baby List

When we announced a few weeks back we were expecting, we didn't quite expect the many requests we had for a baby registry! Due to the genetic issues that I (Naomi) have, and will also be passing on to our baby, we have to be VERY careful what we add to our home and what is near our baby. The main dangers are plastic, press-board, dyes, non-organic fabrics, and anything that has been sprayed, coated or contains additives of ANY sort.

That is giving us a hard time finding safe alternatives to many traditionally purchased baby items, and so we've started this list as a place to offer up some items we KNOW we will need or use for those with the shopping bug.

Immediate Needs:

  • Gas Cards (Our baby care providers are all over 40 minutes or more away!)
  • Ningxia Red (My current pregnancy regime is 8oz daily of this superfood supplement!)
  • SeekingHealth gift cards (I can only get certain vital supplements from this company!)
  • gift cards (In a pinch, we can use these to purchase a few supplements as well!)
  • Paypal (to help with expenses) can be sent to


 Known in our house as "Ninja Juice"!

Known in our house as "Ninja Juice"!

Labor & Delivery:

The following are essential oils or supplements from Young Living (and ONLY that company) the we plan on having for L&D helps-


 Every oily mom's secret weapon...

Every oily mom's secret weapon...

Newborn Young Living Needs:

These are all essential oils or supplements from Young Living (and ONLY YL) that we will need to welcome our new baby-

o GeneYus™
o Owie™
o Bite Buster™
o TummyGize™
o SniffleEase™
o SleepyIze™

We will add to this list as we find things that we will be able to use, but we ask that if you already purchased something or plan on getting something not on our list, you SAVE a gift receipt!! Thanks so much!

Please email for shipping address!