AnnaLeah and Mary

This post has been on my heart for a while, but it's just so hard to put into words what I feel right now. What we all feel.  

But, I wanted to share some of the girls with you all, so you knew just how deep our sorrow is, and how great our joy will be when we are all once again reunited in heaven. 

AnnaLeah was a sweet, quiet & beautiful teenager. Of all the Karth kids, she was probably the hardest one for me to get to know, but since she shared the same personality type as Sam and me, I always felt like I knew her way more than maybe she knew. (But perhaps she did, since she was like us!) 

She was a dedicated reader, and also writer, and I'm pleased that I can say her writings are possibly going to be published posthumously. She was allergic to cats and dogs, but she always seemed to have a connection with them when she was around them. Instead of filling her house with pets, she planned to fill it with children. (At least a dozen she hoped!)

I had occasionally told Sam I couldn't wait to see what God had in store for her when she grew up...  

Here are some photos from the last time we saw her- Sam's parents and the three youngest came to help us with some housework. How I wish I had shot more that day, but I am glad for the moments we did have with them! 

And then there's Mary.... Mary was Sam's favorite, it's no secret. He recently told me it may seem odd to people that his best friend besides me was someone he helped teach to walk, but I find it anything, but odd. She was a special spark in the family, and there will be an ache forever for both our girls. 

Mary had planned to marry a millionaire, and have 3 weddings, one of which would take place in a water park, and they would slide down a big slide as they said their vows! She also planned on having a mansion, and she vowed she'd have a Starbucks in it, just for me! 

Sam and I had a small point-and-shoot digital camera we didn't really need, and we sent it off to her last year. (How I wish we had given her one earlier!) Her private blog was vastly entertaining, and she loved pulling jokes on us! She once posted a photo of a dog with the captions "I GOT A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and revealed later it was the neighbor's dog, after laughing for a minute straight! 

We found out recently that Sam's parents (who pray for all their children every morning) prayed that Mary would bring joy into peoples' lives each day- and I have to say she did just that. 

They were such lovely girls. Mary on the brink of being a teenager, and AnnaLeah on the brink of being a woman. And we are so missing them. 

We will be coming together as a family in Grand Rapids MI on Saturday (June 8th) for their memorial service and burial. If you are so led, please pray for the Karth family, as we say goodbye. Pray for safe travels, good memories, and for a beautiful day.

And I'll leave you with some photos of Mary- she commandeered my camera the last time we saw them, so a few of these are from when we were in MI for Grandpa's memorial in Oct 2011.