Retired! WHAT???!!!!

I hear it all the time still... I explain that Sam & I choose to retire from wedding photography, and people start trying give us excuses-

"But you are both SO GOOD!!"

"But I wanted you to be MY wedding photographer!!"

"Are you sure you can't make an exception for US?!!"

"Family photography is easier than weddings, right? You could do that!"

Ok, so here is the bottom line.

YES. We both know we are good photographers, and moving away from professional wedding photography was not the easiest decision we ever had to make, but for our health and sanity, we HAD to make some changes in our lives!

Loss and grief change you. When you've loved deeply and wholly, the loss of that person rips you apart. We lost not one, but THREE important people in our lives within the span of a month and it just about killed us.

We had to relearn how to live.

And we learned that we needed to set some major boundaries in our lives so we could enjoy time spent together, and when it all boiled down, photography actually took us further away from each other.

And after a year of officially being retired, I can tell you, we have no regrets!

Our new business pursuit, a network marketing business through Young Living Essential Oils, has actually thrived and we are spending more time together than ever before! Our boundaries have stayed in place and we are enjoying life and recovering from our grief together!

Our newest love is hiking long distances with our dogs, and below is a photo after we hiked the most miles we had ever done in a day, plus I was celebrating a 30+ lb weight loss! I think it is safe to say retirement looks good on us!

iPhone photography by Naomi Karth

Our hope for the future is to turn this blog into a wellness resource, as we share our journey back to health together, and also to share stories about our hiking (mis)adventures!

But I will say this- no plans to go back to professional photography at any point right now! We really are enjoying life this way!