Why Photos Are So Important (Print your life!)

I know that lately my blog has been more about grief and loss than about our photography work. If you've ever been through a life altering loss, you'll understand how it saturates your life, and it makes it hard to breathe, to move, to do "normal" things. Nothing is normal.

If you are new to my blog, I'll recap for a second with some links- In April, we lost my best friend, Jonathan, at the much too young age of 27. My heart was broken, and all Sam could do was cradle me in his arms, while I cried myself to sleep each night.

Then, on May 4th, Sam's dad called us with devestating news- Samuel's mother, Marianne, had been in a car accident involving two semi-trailers, and she, Caleb (her youngest son) and Mary (her youngest daughter) were hospitalized, and AnnaLeah, Sam's 17 year old sister was killed instantly. In shock and horror, I penned this blog post because I couldn't sleep.  The following day I was moved to write In-Love, one of the most widely read blog posts I've ever put up! Then 3 days later the hospital Marianne was in graciously let me in their private internet lab so I could update everyone about what was going on with the family. Then when I was able, I shared more about these beautiful amazing girls we lost- AnnaLeah & Mary.

To face so much loss and sadness in the span of less than a month... it's no wonder I often open this blog and find myself wanting to tell the world more about the beautiful lives that are gone... I do share the bright spots, such as The Gertie Portraits and how we celebrated Mary's first birthday in heaven. But often my heart grows heavy when I think of sharing my thoughts and photos with the world.

Today's post, now that I've gotten around to it, isn't about making photos, but rather, printing them.

I've always been of the thought that printing photos is important, but I received a crash course in WHY printing your photos is so important... it isn't that we will forget the girls if we don't have photos of them, but rather that it is such a huge comfort to see them each day. While it makes my heart a little sad, it makes it expand with gratitude that we were able to know Mary & AnnaLeah even a little, and share in their lives. And it makes me laugh when I see how silly Mary was, and it reminds me that I need to spend a little time every day being silly, just for her!

We have photos of them, plus our families, on the fridge. We have a little photo album of moments that are especially important to Sam & me that we occasionally sit & go through together. When Sam was in pain from oral surgery, that little album was especially comforting to him. I found myself often being overcome with grief at work so I put up my favorite photos where they can be easily seen, and since they are silly photos, they help bring a smile to my lips.

Pardon the less-than-stellar quality of my cell phone camera, but I wanted to bring these to you..... life in our home & at work-

iPhone photography by Naomi Karth www.thekarths.com

iPhone photography by Naomi Karth www.thekarths.com

Please don't let a loss be what it takes for you to enjoy the photos you take & have made of you- and the next time you feel inclined to step out of the frame, please remember someone somewhere will CHERISH the fact that you stayed in!