The Gertie Portraits (Warsaw IN Film Photographer)

This week some of the most personal work I have ever made, The Gertie Portraits, are featured on Project Show and Tell, a peer run photography blog that features personal work.  

These portraits were made after the funeral of Sam's sisters, Mary (age 13) and AnnaLeah (age 17). Gertie was Mary's beloved stuffed dog, named for the family's Saint Bernard they growing up. Gertie was found among the wreckage of the car and is living with us. 

When Sam suggested I do individual portraits of his family, I handed the first volunteer Gertie and suddenly a new project was born.  

There can be no doubt my heart was behind the camera, and love and loss before it.  

You can view all the portraits HERE on our proofing site. 

Film portraits by Naomi & Sam Karth

I decided to tell a few of the stories behind the faces- this first one is Samuel, my beloved. Mary was his best friend, and undoubtably his favorite. She brought out the silly in him in a way I've never seen from any other. His heart has been broken. 


Film portraits by Naomi & Sam Karth

Sam's parents. No words needed here, except to note Gertie's paw. 


Film portraits by Naomi & Sam Karth

This is Sue. An angel on earth if there ever was! Sue was a friend through Facebook who went to the hospital and started caring for Sam's mom and brother after the accident. She didn't know it at the time, but she is family now. 


Film portraits by Naomi & Sam Karth

Marcus, our nephew. AnnaLeah was his guardian, and Mary his entertainment. I've never seen such a tender soul so hurt. 

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