Vendor Love- The Red Stiletto (Warsaw IN Wedding Photographers)

The Red Stiletto is an on-location hair and make up service, that also offers a salon in the Fort Wayne IN area. They have offered on-location services for over 4 years, and the salon has been open now for 16 months!

I personally used their team for our anniversary photo shoot a couple years ago! I cannot rave enough about the work they did for me- I looked amazing, and they helped me feel amazing too! My hair held up on a rainy fall day for a photo session that took place 3 hours away, and my makeup was so well done I had to use makeup remover to take off my red lipstick that night!

I recently sat down with Hope Matchett, the owner and founder, to find out more about The Red Stiletto, and what they can offer our wedding couples!

The Red Stiletto owner Hope Matchett, photography by Naomi Karth of The Karths Photography

Naomi: How did The Red Stiletto start?

Hope: I actually have a background in theater makeup, and I started working at a MAC store at the age of 19. I hadn't planned to make this a business, but I had a bride ask me if I could come to her hotel room, instead of doing her makeup in the mall. Who wants to go to the mall on their wedding day?! I went and helped her, and then suddenly through word of mouth, people started calling me up and asking me to help with their wedding makeup!

I added an assistant, then two more employees after a year. We added hair design, so there was the whole package, yet there is no retail involved. We just connect and provide what you need for the day. We added the studio location in 2012 too!

Naomi: What does The Red Stiletto specifically offer to brides?

Hope: We have a great upscale, on-location service that specializes in bridal looks. We offer all MAC cosmetics, and we have airbrush services. We are an exclusive Surface hair care salon. Surface is organic and gluten free! It provides humidity resistance with their specialized style products.

We are very education based! In 2013 we took over 16 advanced education classes! We averaged 1-2 classes per month. A typical salon may only see 1 wedding per month, where we can provide services to 6-8 wedding parties in just one weekend!

The Red Stiletto Artistry Salon photography by Naomi Karth of The Karths Photography

Naomi: What is your favorite wedding day look?

Hope: I love the vintage style! Finger waves, unique braids are great too! We can do specialized looks and I love the celtic knot and boho braids that are in right now! We love making things work for our brides- from laid back to avant-garde! Don't feel trapped with what's out there- Bring in a picture or an idea and we'll make it happen!

Naomi: That's so awesome!! Any tips for brides?

Hope: We actually have a great blog post  that covers much of what a bride should know about using our services! They really should know they need to book early! At least 6 months out or more. We book really quickly!

It's very important to have a working relationship with your stylist, if possible. If you can't use your own stylist, it's good to do a trial! 90% of brides choose a trial. It helps with time constraints, and there are no surprises on the wedding day!

A stylist is going to help you keep your hair trimmed, but ideally you should make sure it is trimmed 2-4 weeks before your wedding date! Trimming helps hold the finished look together.

Naomi: Now I need to get my hair trimmed! Ha ha! What about brides concerned with their budget?

Hope: Your wedding day is super important! You are creating moments you'll want to remember for a long time. People may not remember you used blue napkins or what your first dance song was, but the photos you have left will be heirlooms! Why wouldn't you want to look the best you could possibly look?!

Naomi: I totally agree! What do you enjoy most about being the start of a wedding day?

Hope: I really love it when there is a good vibe in the room. Everyone is getting along, everyone is supportive! There's so much positive energy and it is infectious! It makes the day!

We really believe in how we make people feel and even with the trial it is exciting! On the wedding day it is really different because they see themselves as a bride!

Naomi: I love it! What is one thing brides may not know about The Red Stiletto?

Hope: We have a full service salon, so we do everything from trials to trims! The brides that are usually the happiest are the ones who are clients already! They have a connection with us and that helps with the preparations, and even has an impact on how their wedding day goes. We can help you find that ideal style for you, since we know you!

The Red Stiletto Artistry Salon photography by Naomi Karth of The Karths Photography

Naomi: Do you offer something for the grooms who may feel a little left out now?

Hope: Absolutely! We've seen guys in here that will do a party a week or so before the wedding day, where they all get a trim and style! It's a great time to bond!

Naomi: Any other help we can offer to get brides signed up to use your services?

Hope: They can check out our website and follow our Facebook page and we also have a blog where we like to tell it like it is! There's lots of info on there about preparing for your wedding. You want to do your trial 2-4 weeks before the wedding. You should be going in from 4-12 weeks for regular haircuts. If you need to color, you should do that 2 weeks before, in case of mishaps and to allow color to settle.

You should really look to your stylist for help with your products too- Think of them as prescriptions for your hair!

The Red Stiletto Artistry Salon photography by Naomi Karth of The Karths Photography

Naomi: How do we go about scheduling services?

Hope: Both the Salon and the on-site services are always available by appointment. I keep track of the on-site booking, so if someone calls to schedule that, they will need to talk to me!

Naomi: Great! Thanks so much for giving us your time and sharing your wisdom!

The Red Stiletto Artistry Salon photography by Sam Karth of The Karths Photography

You can reach the gals at The Red Stiletto at (260) 471-6033!

The Salon is located at 6033 Stoney Creek Drive, in Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825

You can also email them at

Hope Matchett owner of The Red Stiletto in Fort Wayne, IN. Photography by Naomi Karth fo The Karths Photography