Back to School never smelled SO good!

Aromatherapy to help moms, dads and those littles headed back to school? We've got your back!

I love a house that smells good! I like smelling good too! That's why aromatherapy has been such a good fit in our home- no need to worry about the toxic ingredients that come in candles and warmers, no damaging the ozone with air fresheners that don't even list their ingredients! We just have a cold water diffuser in each room, and use them throughout the day!

Great news for parents who are concentrating on the return of school as summer ends- not only are essential oils great for making the home smell inviting, but they can also help with concentration as your kids study!

Diffuse Away for Study Aids

I'm often trying new combinations in our diffuser to see what I like, and these recipes are a great place to start! From the start of the day, to tucking them into bed, use these diffuser recipes to help figure out what to use in your home:

Diffusing From Dawn til Dusk

Want to learn more? We are doing a special Back to School Survival class in Warsaw Indiana to help teach how to use essential oils for kids! Join us Monday, August 14th from 6:30-7:30pm EST at CafeMod in Warsaw and see how both you and your family can benefit from an oil-integrated lifestyle! LINK TO EVENT HERE!