Why the change?

How two successful wedding photographers switched to a career in network marketing-

Sam and Naomi in July 2013

Nobody plans for grief

We hadn't planned on making any major changes in our life, until I joined Young Living Essential Oils in April 2013. Shortly after our kit arrived, tragedy struck our family. A crash on a Georgia interstate took the lives of Sam's two youngest sisters. Since we were already reeling from the loss of my best friend the previous month, we just weren't equipped to handle everything life was throwing us.

At first, we decided to suspend our photography business and concentrate on processing our grief and learning to heal. We continued to shoot personal work, and we loved the weddings we had already booked, but soon we realized our hearts just weren't truly in it. Professional photography is an art- and while hurt can be good for an artist occasionally, it can also take ALL they have to give. That is definitely what happened to us! We just were empty, and we didn't know how to "fill" back up!

An Accidental Paycheck

The summer of 2013 found me dabbling in therapeutic grade essential oils, which were a world above the oils I had previously experienced! Once we started learning about their versatility, we started sharing with our family and friends! One commonly heard phrase in network marketing is that "everyone network markets, but not everyone gets paid for it"! And that is so true! At first I was just sharing because I was so amazed at the core difference in our health and wellness. Then I earned an accidental paycheck from Young Living- it wasn't much, but it was enough to cover the amount our checking account was going to be withdrawn, so as we were racing to the bank to deposit it, Sam suggested I learn more about using network marketing to intentionally earn a paycheck!

I did just that, and soon we realized we had found something that worked for us. It allowed us to have a genuine interest in people and their health, enabling them to take charge of their lifestyles, and it helped us start to heal and work together!

We found the use of essential oils perfect for our emotional well being, and have been so blessed by the passage we took from grief to a newfound love and appreciation of our strength in life!

Additionally, we found as we continued to share about our oils and products, our Young Living family continued to grow, and soon we were a Silver ranked team, and I was able to quit one of my part-time jobs!

Surprise on the way

One amazing added bonus was that as we continued to take charge of our health, we experienced something in life we'd been told couldn't happen- a healthy pregnancy!!

Naomi in March of 2016

Even though he arrived earlier than we had planned, Jerome has been a wonderful addition to our family- and while his health and vibrancy seem to surprise others, it comes as no surprise to us, since he truly is an "oily baby" from start to finish!

We were additionally blessed that I was able to transition to being a full-time mom and just work with Young Living from home! Another dream checked of the list!

Naomi with Jerome in May 2017

On to the future

As parents, on of our biggest goals is to raise healthy and strong children. We are so grateful for the options we have when it comes to supporting Jerome naturally. We continue to share with other families, because we live in a world where so few people seem to know about their options. Options for wellness, and options for shaking the traditional way of earning a living!

Want to learn more

The best part of my job is helping other moms start adding essential oils and oil-infused products to their line up, and helping those who wish to change the way they earn their living!

If you want to learn more about how we built up our Young Living family, and replaced two sources of income, I'd LOVE to chat more with you about it! Just drop me a line in the contact box and we'll set it up!

Network Marketing isn't for everyone, but it has allowed us to work at our own pace (slowly replacing other sources of income) and to appeal to our greater sense of purpose (helping others) while changing the shape of our life!

~Naomi Karth

Sam with Jerome in June 2017