Essential Oils for Grief

No one ever wants to be considered an "expert" in grieving, but we have certainly had our share of loss in the family. I was asked to share some of the oils that have helped us during the grieving process.  

Essential Oils for Grief- Frankincense to help with grounding and spiritual healing.  

Karth Scents, Naomi & Samuel Karth, Warsaw IN Young Living Essential Oils

Diffusing Frankincense can provide a safe environment to help deepen your connection with God. Prayer and meditation are important when healing. 

We've also found that applying Frankincense to the back of the neck and (carefully) to the forehead can give a sense of grounding, when your world seems to be falling apart. 

Essential Oils for Grief- Stress Away is an amazing blend for releasing stress and anger.

Karth Scents, Naomi & Samuel Karth, Warsaw IN Young Living Essential Oils

Stress Away is a blend exclusive to Young Living, and one of my first favorites. It has a tropical scent, and I call it my "vacation in a bottle"! It is made specifically to be rolled on the wrists and the back of the neck to create a relaxing mood. I've found it to be an essential part of our grieving process- as we are a family of introverts and need our space, even in dark times. This helps us cope with that lack of personal space when needed.  

Essential Oils for Grief- Citrus Fresh is a blend known for its bright and cheery scent.  

Karth Scents, Naomi & Samuel Karth, Warsaw IN Young Living Essential Oils

I wasn't immediately drawn to Citrus Fresh as an oily help for loss, but now that we use it, I cannot imagine life without it! It really is like "sunshine in a bottle", with a variety of citrus oils, balanced with a touch of spearmint.  

Use it in a diffuser or necklace to help boost a good mood or keep a bad one away! 

Essential Oils for Grief- Citrus oils to help you feel well, and the emotional blends to help you overcome and accept.  

Karth Scents, Naomi & Samuel Karth, Warsaw IN Young Living Essential Oils

Citrus oils are known for their happy fragrances, and diffusing them not only clears the air, but also helps cleanse the soul! You can pick your favorites, but tangerine and orange are what we prefer! 

Joy is a wonderful blend of florals and citrus scents. Many women have found it works wonderful as a perfume replacement. My husband started wearing it on his mudlove hands after the death of his two youngest sisters. He found that it not only improved his mood, but he started to feel like he was ready to face life again and start living with joy! 

Hope and Harmony are two blends that work synergistically together to give you a new outlook.  

Highest Potential is a great oil to use while setting goals and reaching for milestones. We have also found that in times when we feel we've taken a step back in the grieving process, this blend is there to help us move forward again.  

While I wish no one needed resources like this, grief and loss are a part of life- just like joy and happiness. May you find hope and healing from these little bottles of "plant juice" , if ever you are in the need.